Workers and farmers have to handle various kinds of materials. They are often heavy, and different in size and shape. There are many ways of improving storage and handling of materials. We know that materials handing does not add value, just cost, and that 30% of accidents are caused by materials handling. Good materials handling can increase productivity and prevent damage, fatigue and accidents.

Three goals for materials handling and storage

Good examples of materials handling and storage.
  1. Organize storage by multi-level racks.
  2. Use wheels for moving materials.
  3. Use lifting devices for heavy loads.

To achieve these goals:

‐Clear and mark transport-ways.
‐Put labels to different storage places
‐Use push-carts, hand-truck and mobile racks
‐Move materials at working height
‐Provide a home for each tool
‐Use mechanical lifting devices
‐Provide good grips to containers