At various workstations including machines and work-tables, various types of operations are conducted. Well-designed workstations can prevent pains in the back, arms and legs, and increase efficiency. Good workstations are also needed to prevent human errors and keep safe operations. There are many ways to improve workstations at low cost.

Four goals for workstation design and machine safety

Good examples of workstation design and machine safety.
  1. Place frequently used materials and switches in easy reach.
  2. Work at elbow-height.
  3. Use safety devices to prevent injuries.
  4. Use labels, signs and colors to make it easy to distinguish from each other.

To achieve these goals:

‐Place frequently used materials in small containers within each reach
‐Adjust work height at elbow level
‐Provide chairs of correct height and a good backrest
‐Use jigs and fixtures or hanging tools for repeated operations.
‐Use machine guards and interlocking devices.
‐Use labels and signs to avoid mistakes.
‐Use colors for clearly distinguish from each other