It is necessary to provide essential welfare facilities near work areas. They should be maintained and improved for securing healthy work. Good team work and resting conditions are important to ensure smooth work flow without excessive fatigue. There are practical ways of improving welfare facilities at low cost.

Four goals for team work and welfare facilities

Good examples of team work and welfare facilities..
  1. Provide safe drinking water, clean toilets and washing facilities.
  2. Provide refreshing resting corners.
  3. Allow self-paced work for good team work.
  4. Provide first-aid equipment and fire extinguishers

To achieve these goals:

‐Provide safe drinking water at all workplaces
‐Provide and regularly clean toilets and washing facilities near work areas
‐Provide resting corners and insert breaks
‐Provide buffer stocks for self-paced work.
‐Provide first-aid equipment and a sufficient number of fire extinguishers.
‐Provide and maintain personal protective equipment for work areas requiring its use