WINDY”stands for “Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development for Youth” and is a training program on environment protection for young generation. WINDY was born in the Mekong Delta, and has expanded into more than 100 schools (Secondary and High school) in Can Tho City, Vietnam. The aim of WINDY is to foster young generation practical improvements in environmental protection and to promote environmental protection activities in their study and daily life.

With the understanding and cooperation by Department of Education and Training in Can Tho City, teachers and students have achieved drastic change in their school environment. Also teachers have gained their teaching change applying PAOT method of WINDY. People call it as “Active Education“. Now a days, WINDY is expanding into elementary schools and nursery schools.

WINDY workshop

WINDY contest in January 2020

WINDY achievement

1. Create healthy and comfortable environment

2. Work together to protect environment

3. Live joyfully and friend

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