WINDY International exchange workshop

Mekong Delta 2002 special program

WINDY International exchange workshop

Before the Mekong Delta 2022 workshop, the International WINDY (Work Improvement in Neigbourhood Development for Youth) Exchange Workshop was conducted and sixty participants from Indonesia, Afghanistan, Japan, Korea, Nigeria and ietnam participated.

The first session was good practice photo contest. Improvement photos were collected from two high schools of Islamic and Christian in which have adopted WINDY programs, and Dr. Endah Setyaningsih served as a facilitator.

46 participants in Indonesia were high school teachers and students. They carried out group work to decide the best photo and presented the reason after the group discussion. International participants and two school rectors observed the results of presentations.

In the second session, three WINDY achievement reports were presented by Assruur Islamic boarding school, SMAK Christian school and Mr. Toyoki Nakao.

Two school teachers presented their WINDY achievements and Mr. Nakao introduced nine years WINDY program in Vietnam.

The Mekong Delta program steering committee members, Mr. Koji Suzuki, Dr. Miwa Nagasu and Dr. Ton That Khai gave a comment of the workshop. It was the first international WINDY exchange between Indonesia and Vietnam. Through this program, Indonesia WINDY program have expanded to other schools.