The Mekong Delta 2022 Report

Mekong Delta 2022 

International PAOT Online Workshop held with 101 Participants from 8 Countries

The 21st International PAOT Online Workshop (Mekong Delta 2022) was held on August 20 with 101 participants. Participating countries were Afghanistan, Indonesia, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nigeria, Japan, and Vietnam.

The workshop theme was “Progress in the PAOT application at the time of Covid-19 ” and designed to share experiences of participatory action-oriented improvements in various fields during Covid-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022.

As same in previous years, the good practice photo contest was held using 30 photos which were taken by 5 countries’ PAOT practitioners (Korea, Japan, Nigeria, Thailand and Vietnam).  After short explanation of each photo, the participants voted to their best photos using Google forms and exchanged their opinions together divided into 16 groups in breakout rooms.

Following the photo contest, two keynote speeches and four achievement reports were presented. The speakers of the keynote were Dr. Ton That Khai (Vietnam) and Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami(Japan).

The achievement report speakers were Dr. Phan Nguyen Ngoc (Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, Vietnam) , Dr. Mi Yeon You(Korean Industrial Health Association), Dr. Kristina Kurths (International Labour Organization, Vietnam), and Dr. Etsuko Yoshikawa (Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing).

30 good practice photos and all presentations can be found on this WEB site.

30 good practice photos storage 👇

GP30 Health and Safety


GP communicaion and participation


   GP30 Low cost


Learning from good photo contest and presentations, the remote group discussion was held using Zoom breakout room. The group discussion theme was “3 important actions how to promote our international PAOT cooperation”. The results of group discussion also can be found on the WEB site.

Dr, Kazutaka Kogi gave is his comment to summarized the workshop.

“Through the workshop, we confirmed importance of PAOT in improving working conditions in different situations and countries particularly in relation to current status of COVID-19 pandemic. I would think two important aspects for our future cooperation.

Firstly, good practice approach in PAOT. This has been confirmed as the core of PAOT. We always start from good practices. If we look at good practices, we can learn great deal from on-going activities. I confirmed this point very clearly today.

Secondly, the emphasize is communication. This has been emphasized through past PAOT activities, but it is confirmed particularly now as an important aspect. We can look at the effective means of communication each other through the workshop.

I think we could plant a new tree of cooperation today, through the PAOT approach. we hope this tree glow together for our future PAOT tree.”