The announcement of the Mekong Delta 2023 International PAOT Online Workshop

31 August (Thursday) 2023

The Mekong Delta International Participatory Action-Oriented Training (PAOT) Program has been organized since the year 2000, and the extensive experience gained from this international program clearly indicates that the PAOT approach is a crucial area of international cooperation for enhancing working conditions in different local situations.

Since then, it has become an annual event in Can Tho City. Building on this international cooperation, we have created several new PAOT programs such as WINDY, GREEN, and WIPE program.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which we organize this international event. To ensure dynamic and lively discussions, the online Mekong Delta workshop was organized as the “Good Practice Photo Contest” to maintain the continuity of this regional OSH event.

Recently, the World Health Organization declared an end to the COVID-19 global public health emergency. However concerning current local condition, the steering committee has decided to hold the Mekong Delta International PAOT as an online workshop on August 31, 2023, featuring a good practice database session and presentations of practitioners’ achievements.

We would be grateful your positive participation, and learn together current PAOT actiivities in the world.

Dr. Toshio Hirano

The director of the Mekong Delta International PAOT programme

7-10-1 Kameido Koto-ku, Tokyo,Japan

TEL :+81-33683-9765 Email :


Mekong Delta 2023 recruitment closed. Thank you for your participation. 

The timetable of Meklong Delta 2023

Date: 31 August 2023

13:00 (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam), 06:00 (Cote d’Ivoire) ,07:00 (Nigeria), 15:00 (Japan, Korea)

13:00  Opening 

13:10  SS1. Highland coffee photo voting 

 13:20 SS2. Good practice database

13:40 SS3. Keynote speech and special report (20 minutes×2)      Dr. Ton That Khai

Special report   Dr. Kazutaka Kogi

14:20 Short break

14:30 SS4. PAOT achievement reports  8 reports from 6 countries

15:50 SS5. Group work and presentations  Theme: 2 or 3 good ideas to strengthen the international PAOT network

16:35 Closing