The Invitation of the international PAOT Online Exchange Programme (Recruiting now!! )

The Adaptation of the International Exchange Programme in the Central Highlands Coffee Supply Chain


Dear PAOT practitioners,

We are very pleased to inform you that the international PAOT onsite exchange programme in 2024 will be held this August.

The Steering Committee discussed restarting the onsite Mekong Delta PAOT programme in August 2024, and we decided to conduct a hybrid exchange programme to learn and share PAOT approaches.

The exchange programme  venue has been changed to the Central Highlands in Vietnam this year, with a focus on coffee supply chain.

We are delighted to invite you to the PAOT achievement exchange programme for online participation. The schedule is as follows:


Date: August 24, 2024
         13:00-16:40 (Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand,)
         15:00-18:40 (Japan, Korea)
         11:30-15:10 (India)
         07:00-10:40 (Nigeria)
Venue: Buôn Ma Thuột, Vietnam
Format: Hybrid
Language: English
Participants: 50
Participation fee: Free

How to participate:

Please fill in the following application form and send it to the Steering Committee.


Deadline for application: 10 August 2024

▼ The application form is here.

the International PAOT online exchange programme


Tentative programme of the International Achievement Exchange Programme 
Saturday, August 24, 2024 – PAOT International Hybrid Exchange Programme
Venue: Elephant Hotel Training Hall ( 13:00-16:40)

13:00   Opening          Dr. Ton That Khai

13:05   Keynote speech    Dr. Kazutaka Kogi

13:30   The recent PAOT experiences in South Asia   Dr. Tsuyoshi Kawakami

13:50   University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan

14:05   The success of the WINDY Programme in Indonesia

14:20   WIND Programme in Central Highlands  (Vietnam Nescafe Plan)

14:35   WIND Programme in Son La province  (TMT consulting)

14:50   Tea Break

15:00   The prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders through the activities of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee  (Korea)

15:15   Presentation of Vision Zero Fund            Dr. Kristina Kurths

15:30   Application of WINDY programme in Can Tho (Department of Education and Training, Can Tho)

15:45   The impression of Mekong Delta 2024 (Students of Tokyo University of Technology)

16:00   Group discussion: How to sustain PAOT Network in Asia.

16:40   Closing            Dr. Nguyen Phuong Toai



Dr. Toshio Hirano
The director of the Mekong Delta International PAOT Exchange Programme
7-10-1 Kameido Koto-ku, Tokyo,Japan
TEL +81-33683-9765